Roopali Kambo, a native of India and a long-time Florida resident, draws upon her multicultural experiences as the basis for her paintings. Her consciousness of distinct historic sensibility provokes a visceral connection to human emotions transcended by time and geographical location. The artist’s style has a modernist, abstract quality while the images draw inspiration from the unique cultures of the world: the old with the new, side by side, always evolving, constantly changing.    
“I believe that creativity is spiritual, whatever the medium. I like to think of my paintings as visual poetry, a glimpse into the soul. My work is both abstract and representational; a combination of loose gestural strokes and bold color that make the canvases exude primal vigor and spiritual power. My work derives its inspiration from personal experiences and historical references – the places I have traveled – the people I have met. My paintings tell a story. I see these as pieces of human architecture, as they convey emotion through form. My works reflect the richness of fulfillment manifest in a balance of communal and individual endeavor. ”
With a B.F.A. and a M.F.A. in graphic design, Roopali's interests and work, overlaps creative realms and mediums. Her work is now in many public and private collections. 
Her area of study is Type. As a recipient of a Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant for 2018-2019 (research), she examined type design trends in the Devanagari script as it applies to Hindi, within the cultural, social, geographical, and technological contexts. Immersive study of the current process for designing Hindi fonts while evaluating socio -cultural influences in design choices, comprised the core of this research. She studied activities in typography and culture by interviewing academicians and professionals who are also native speakers as typography carries the stamp of its culture of origin. The script was examined purely as a visual form and included field research as well as data analyses.
Her Fulbright research was focused on Devanagari script, and her subsequent research expands this focus to explore the relevance of all scripts to art and design and how they reflect the community and culture. She is interested in experimental type and integrating methods of design and art while designing spaces for a meaningful human experience.
Her research based creative work endeavors to foster an empathetic and authentic experience for the viewer as it creates a space for the viewer to relate the visual(s) to their own experiences at an emotional and visceral level.

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