In this installation, the evolving AI-generated images are amalgamations of my own artistic creations. Generated through Artificial Intelligence, they symbolize the peeling away of layers in a story, echoing the process of revealing individual and collective truths. 
I seek to connect ancient and contemporary art, highlighting the renewal brought about by generative AI.
Then & Now, And Again...
Embodied in the vibrant tradition of the Kaavad box, visual storytelling thrives in my homeland of Rajasthan, India. Originating centuries ago, the Kaavad is a multilayered wooden box adorned with intricate hand paintings, serving as a storytelling tool. Even today, this ancient art form endures, as storytellers unfold its panels to share traditional tales.   
Using the Kaavad box as a metaphor, the images presented here are amalgamations of my own artistic creations, generated through Artificial Intelligence. Like the Kaavad, these creations peel away layers to reveal infinite possibilities. Framed within the context of Kaavad, this installation serves as a bridge connecting ancient art forms to contemporary expressions, blending traditional canvas paintings with cutting-edge technology.   
As these captivating images seamlessly morph, I pay homage to my ancestors, drawing parallels between the evolving traditions and the renewal brought by generative AI. Inspired by my heritage of oral storytelling, my research reveals the universal appeal of this age-old practice in cultures worldwide.   
The inviting nature of these works encourages viewers to explore, much like opening the doors of a Kaavad box. The evolving imagery symbolizes the peeling away of layers in a story, echoing the process of revealing an individual’s core truth.
This artistic endeavor mirrors the Kaavad’s deeper purpose, by transcending mere artifact status — to foster community bonding. The evolving layers become a commentary on the complexity of individuals, groups, and entire communities.   
In my creative exploration, I draw from personal experiences navigating transnational identities as a member of the diaspora. As an immigrant and woman of color with a hyphenated identity, my work touches on contemporary issues of displacement, identity, gender, and cultural respect. It celebrates inclusivity, creating a sense of belonging in the global neighborhood we all share.   
Human relationships, depicted as complex and fragile, evoke catharsis and hope. The push and pull in my work ultimately lead to a sense of belonging. Through storytelling art, I aim to create spaces of engagement, promoting cross-cultural understanding and unity.   
In celebrating connections and the power of art, this installation extends beyond aesthetics. It seeks to elevate community-building to another level, emphasizing the beauty in diversity and the transformative potential of storytelling art.   
I leave the viewer with much to ponder.

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